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Welcome to my spree page^^

Hi^^  I am Tin.  Thank you for visiting:)
Please read my sidebar content on how my sprees work + Terms & Conditions before you place order.

Strictly No Payment No Order. Make payment with your order for faster processing.  Many thanks for your cooperation:)
All emails will be replied within 24 hours.
Nice to have you spree-ing with me

Goodbye :)

After 7 years of spree-ing, it is time to say goodbye:)
I am very grateful to all the nice, understanding and wonderful spree-ers that I have, thank you for your past supports!  Without you, I would not have come this far :)  Once again, I thank you from the bottom of my heart :)
*Special thanks to LJ for this free webpage, 感恩!


Want To Sell :)

Got this Samsung SC20F70HC Motion SYNC vacuum cleaner from lucky draw, brand new, sealed in box.
Market price is $799 to $999, I am selling it at $600 NOW 500 with local delivery.
Product details pls visit this website:
Interested, pls email me tintinbee@gmail.com
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***Completed in 34 days.  Thanks spree-ers for your patience:)
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***Completed in 10 days.  Thanks spree-ers.
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***Completed in 25 days.  Thanks spree-ers for your patience.
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***Completed in 40 days.  Thanks spree-ers for your patience..
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***Completed in 14 days.  Thanks spree-ers.
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***Completed in 11 days.  Thanks spree-ers.
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***Completed in 8 days.  Thanks spree-ers..
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***Completed in 12 days.  Thanks spree-ers.
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***Completed in 18 days.  Thanks spree-ers.
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***Completed in 17 days.  Thanks spree-ers.
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***Completed in 15 days.  Thanks spree-ers.
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***Completed in 25 days.  Thanks spree-ers for your patience.
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***Completed in 23 days.  Thanks spree-ers.
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***Completed in 32 days.  Thanks spree-ers for your patience.


Don't be a Copycat!
Plagiarism is Stealing. Pls don't DISGRACE yourself..

Creative Commons License

Exchange rate
S$1 = TW$20

Handling fee
S$1 per 5 items ordered
S$1 per off-season slashed price item or similar(only applicable if you have 2 and above of these items)

My email address

My mailing list

Email me with the subject "mailing list" and you will be notified when I open new spree(exclude ongoing TF & JJS sprees). To remove from my mailing list just email me with the subject "UN".

Make payment to
POSB Savings 110-15788-6
(ONLY accept immediate fund transfer from any banks.)

Payment details
1st Payment(when order)
Total item cost + Pre-collecting $2 per item for shipping cost from Taiwan to Singapore.

2nd Payment(when items arrived
Topup/Refund of actual shipping cost
+ handling fee
+ local postage(if any)

Shipping details
AIR PARCEL from Taiwan to Singapore.
Airfreight will be divided by units instead of total items, this way is fairer:)
(1 unit = 100g, item will round up to 50g.)

Collection Methods
Normal mail or Registered mail(add 2.24 to normal postage)
Self collection at my bishan home
Ask me:)
Doorstep delivery at my convenience if u have paid the postage. Opt out if u do not want.

Ongoing Sprees

Infrequent Sprees

How to order
Place order for ongoing sprees at anytime, but for infrequent sprees only when there is an open one available.
You may use any format or copy and paste the following format onto your email(DO NOT send attachment), fill in the details and email to me. ONLY PAID ORDERS will be shown at the "comments" of the respective spree post. Personal details will not be shown so as to protect your privacy. You may check the spree status at anytime from my lj page:)
Tel no:
Collection Method:
Account Type/Number:
(subsequent order need not provide all the above details again)

Item #1
Price in TWD:

(duplicate if needed)

Total Amount = (Total TWD/20) + (Total items x $2) =

Transaction Details

Terms & Conditions

1. STRICTLY NO PAYMENT = NO ORDER No exceptions. Payment must be made with your order or soon after placing order.

2. First pay first serve. I have the right to put your order in the next spree if your payment is late.

3. No cancellation or changes. Pls only send to me your CONFIRMED order.

4. Be prepared to wait for 2-3 weeks +/- for goods to arrive. Certain sprees may take longer.

5. MAY INCUR GST. Pls DO NOT join if you are not comfortable.

6. Refund will be made immediately should all your items are not available. Otherwise, it will only be made at the 2nd payment.

7. Cannot combine items from different sprees for one handling fee.

8. Pls do not offset your payment with previously oos items. It will cause complication in my calculation.

9. I am not responsible for wrong/defect items and lost mails. It is beyond my control.

10. Updates via mass email and at the respective spree post.

11. If response is no good, all payment made will be refunded upon spree cancellation.

12. My rate is relatively low and reasonable, I do not charge extra for stationery, transfer to & fro post office. So pls DO NOT ask for discount.

13. :) I welcome everyone to join my sprees. Do appreciate my time and hardwork. :D

14. All emails will be replied within 24 hours. Your items will mail out within 2 days after u have done the topup.

15. I reserve the right to amend my terms & conditions at any time.

Pls READ, UNDERSTAND and AGREE to my Terms & Conditions before you join my sprees.
I want my sprees to be smooth and pleasant ones:)
Thank you for your kind understanding & cooperation^^

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